hi, gw owns my soul and melinda ruins me with her perfection and heart and rick payne kills me with sadness because he captured my heart, left and never returned.

ghost whisperer is starting on my tv right now!!1 BYE the first time i’ve seen it on tv in YEARS

you don't like season 5?

it was okay. i thought it sucked in comparison to the previous seasons. don’t get me wrong there were some AMAZING episodes (like the sally stitch one omfngf let’s not, that was so CREEPY) but idk. i didn’t like their kid, he was just weird and the finale was so melodramatic and such a let down. they built up the whole season around the whole shinies and shadows things and then the shadows were just defeated in the blink of an eye??? idk man lol

you guys can totally send me requests for scenes you want giffed or simply just characters even! i’m not sure how long it will take me but i’ll try and get them done as soon as i can :)


"I just wanted you all to feels as much pain as I did.
But that all went away with just one word”


Dad. When my daughter called for me, when she needed me, all the fury went away, and I just wanted to save her.”


it’s 2014 and i’m still upset about ghost whisperer being cancelled

I do find that as a curvy girl, as I guess I’ve sort of been deemed, I don’t think you want to run your curves off, because then you’re just not yourself.


I love Jim a whooole lot and I find him unbelievably amazing but I can’t help but ship Melinda and Rick.



It will forever baffle me why Melinda didn’t hold up her phone or wear one of those blu tooth ear pieces when she was talking to ghosts in public.

Do you know who plays the young Melinda?

grace fulton

i think some of the early season 1 episodes have scenes like that… and the halloween one on season 2. season 4 has very few before he died and then after and s5 i can only remember episode 2!

you’re a legend

Hey, I was rewatching GW and I was wondering, do you know any episodes that they really kiss? like a kiss with passion and a little bit more? thank you

i don’t actually know off the top of my head?? sorry bbs


Melinda: I really want him to remember on his own. It was a big night for him- for us. I can’t believe he would forget.